Hello .good morning to all here

i am here to share my views regarding dreams.

Everyone has some dream since his/her childhood .Some want to become doctor ,engineer,actor,singer etc .But When we grow up we realise what we had dreamed on our childhood are much different from today’s reality .When we are child we think everything is possible but as we grow we realise to make possible everything you have to put lots of hard work and you need patience .

But are we develop courage ourselves to follow our dreams?? thats important question .

nothing is impossible its our belief that make thing possible or not .i have read lots of success story .but what i have learnt from that these people work passionately ,have lots of passion,high determination ,and have tried many times instead of quiting .

They worked harder in silence and their success makes sound all our the world .i guess what we think they are extraordinary people .but thats not reality that people face lots of criticism and prove everyone who believe that they don’t achieve success by work differently .

but what dream are actually “Dreams are something that don’t let you sleep”.

but everyone dreams dont become reality.they dream always .so friends if you have any dream you have to develop courage yourself to fulfill it .dont let depend it on anyone.

so you have to determine your priority regarding actually what important in your life.what matters you lot.stop caring for what others thought .its your life live the way you want ,with whom you want .Be Proud of yourself .Believe in yourself .

Dreams are one of the most best thing that give person a big reason to live life.life without goals are like life without purpose .If you have purpose .you have goals ,trust me you never feels alone or boredom .Develop some hobbies atleast spend 30 minutes doing what you most like .and most important dont forget to thanks Almighty God and spend few minute to thank god for giving you a life.

I dont know but i guess friends most of us dont believe in law of attraction .yes m talking about law of universe but its actually  work if we believe so .

The biggest thing in life is enjoying things which we dreamt of when we get that things .because 90% people dont do this .So dream bigger but rooted on earth .At some point in your life you realise that most in the race of pursuing your dream you left your friends and loveone.

so enjoy every moment .give time to  your friends and family, work harder ,follow passion  but dont forget to say thanks to your god .

So whats your dreams are???


Have a wonderful day friends







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